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Fertilizing & Soil Management

Most urban soils are lacking in nutrients and often compete with grass. Therefore, an annual fertilizer application is very beneficial. During the construction process topsoils are removed from new subdivisions. We specialize in fertilizing trees and shrubs as well as improving soil conditions to promote plant health and growth.

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Optimize Growth


We use slow release nitrogen to ensure your trees and shrubs get the food they need without burning your grass. Our products are all pet friendly and only need to be applied once per year. 

Fertilizer is important for younger trees as well as established and mature trees. You should fertilize before or after the growing season. The best times are late April (depending on weather conditions), early May or late fall as the colder weather starts to arrive plants become dormant.

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You don't need to be home for our team to fertilize your plants. We support both commercial and residential clients. We can apply fertilizer anytime between spring and fall. However we often pause the applications if the summer becomes dry.

Where We Service

We are proud to offer commercial and residential fertilizing services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, Guelph, Fergus and Elora.

Common Questions

Improving soil conditions benefits the tree right away but the results are slower to see. You don't need to be home for our technician to evaluate your soil conditions. We support both residential and commercial clients. We use soil augers and an AirSpade to reduce compaction. This is a weather depend service and cannot be done in the winter. We can usually determine the best course of action on our first visit.

Where We Service

We are proud to offer commercial and residential soil management services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, Guelph, Fergus and Elora.

Improve Tree Health

Soil Management

Proper soil management ensures that critical minerials essential for plant and tree growth don't become deficient or toxic. If a tree is becoming unhealthy it is often caused by poor soil conditions. Soil management includes reducing compaction, adding organic matter, mulching, improving nutrient and pH levels, as well as checking for and correcting subsurface issues such as girdling roots. 

We auger holes in the ground and introduce organic material such as compost as well as mulch on the surface.

Our experts will be able to provide the best solutions based on your trees and their health. Fertilizing your soil is a pesticide free process and no chemicals are used.

The benefits of soil management include healthier trees, less erosion, decreased risk of flooding, and greener lawns.

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