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AllGreen Tree Service professional looking down from tree at healthy soil

Fertilizing & Soil Management

Your urban soils are often less than ideal for your trees. Nutrients levels, soil pH and compaction may be an issue. Let our Plant Heath Care Technicians identify the problems and work to improve the health of your trees.
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Key Facts

  • Improves soil quality and productivity
  • Reduces erosion
  • Prevents defient or toxic minerals
  • Boosts plant yields and health
AllGreen Tree Service professional pruning tree above suburban residential home


​​You want your trees to be properly and safely pruned by knowledgeable and professional Arborists. Whether pruning for Structure, Maintenance, or Preservation, trust AllGreen Tree Service. Proper pruning is beneficial to a tree, but can be damaging if not done correctly.
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Key Facts

  • Promotes Tree and shrub growth
  • Prevents safety hazards
  • Removes unwanted growth
  • Increases curb appeal
View of freshly planted trees from top of established growth


When you have trees planted on your property, you want them to flourish and do well. We can help you choose the correct trees for your site, plant them properly, and we can maintain and care for them afterwards.
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Key Facts

  • Increases property value
  • Reduces energy costs in the long run
  • Helps sustain wildlife
AllGreen Tree Service professional inspecting residential property

Pest Management

Your trees & shrubs are vulnerable to many different insects & diseases. We can customize a complete monitoring & management program or treat for an individual problem. We can treat your Ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer!
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Key Facts

  • Growing conditions can play a role in pest management
  • Emerald Ashbor support
  • Need to have above freezing temperatures
AllGreen Tree Service worker stumping with Carlton Professional Equipment

Removals and Stumping

Unfortunately, a time comes when your tree dies or is unsafe. You only want an experienced company with trained and professional Arborists to do the job.
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Key Facts

  • Remove hazards and safety concerns
  • Reduce debris on rooftops
  • Create opportunities for new growth

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